MARU is an adaptable shoe rack solution designed to reflect HIRO's iconic style, optimizing space without compromising on refinement. It's not only decorative but also; MARU serves as a tailored solution for contemporary homes.

During MARU's design process, first it was aimed to craft a module for the entryway that balances practicality with personal taste.
The second is to provide Hiro with mass production optimisation, ease of storage and uniform packaging with a single module.
MARU offers both utility and visual elegance.4 pairs of shoes fit in each MARU. They can either be placed on the floor or hung on the wall. They're multifunctional with options such as connecting units side by side or stacking them vertically for storage flexibility. Desired color can be chosen and units can be assembled, depending on customers' specific needs.


VIVIEN presents a masterpiece where delicate details converge with aesthetics, and functionality and elegance dance together in flawless harmony.

VIVIEN, with its contemporary lines and minimalist design, creates an impressive atmosphere.


Discover our specially designed MOCHA collection to create a warm atmosphere for your home decor.

MOCHA is a modern dining room that seamlessly blends contemporary elegance with a warm and inviting atmosphere. Step into a space where modern design meets a cozy ambiance.


WABI collection where Scandinavian minimalism meets modern elegance.

WABI, seamlessly blends the clean lines of Scandinavian minimalism with the distinctive touches of modern design. White tones, natural wood, and metal details come together to create an elegant atmosphere in the room. The careful selection of these elements adds a sophisticated grace to the space. Clean lines and functionality take center stage in the furniture and decorative elements, providing the design with an aesthetic and practical balance. The simplicity of Scandinavian minimalism converges with the dynamic uniqueness of modern design, focusing not only on creating a visually appealing space but also on ensuring it is user-friendly and comfortable.


Rococo Furniture Design Studio was founded in Istanbul in 2023 by Sinem Uzunoğlu and Samet Kundakçı.Sinem, an Industrial Designer with a passion for art and design since high school, prioritises factors such as product usability, followed by aesthetics, innovation and functionality when shaping her designs. Samet, who has experience in furniture R&D and trained in the Furniture and Decoration Department, plays a critical role in the development of new products and processes.Specialising in providing external design support to corporate companies, we blend artistic flair with strategic thinking to deliver unique solutions. With every project, we embark on a journey to exceed expectations, creating designs that not only captivate but also drive results.